Palouse Doulas: Our Vision

It is the vision of Palouse Doulas to come alongside parents through the journey to parenthood.

We believe in the autonomy and inherent rights of every woman in making the best decisions for herself from pre-pregnancy through childbirth and postpartum.

We provide non-judgmental support, access to evidence-based information, empathetic listening, and a good dose of fun during pregnancy and beyond.

We understand that each woman and family is unique, and we strive to support decision-making for the best outcome as desired by the client.

We practice from a place of reverence for each woman.

We work to educate our clients while helping them develop a deep intuition and empowerment through well-researched information and a supportive birth team.

We promote in the greater good via our profession by providing services to the best of our ability to any woman who desires a doula.

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